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The Bathcrest Patented Glaze, Like No Other!

Bathcrest of Seattle is a bathtub, sink, and shower refinishing company serving the greater Northwest region. Our Patented Glazecoat finish is like no other on the market! Other refinishers in the industry are only capable of forming a mechanical bond to the tub—similar to paint—and rely on the strength of the surface for adhesion. If anything breaks open the surface, water is able to seep underneath the edges and cause the finish to peel off.

Superior Adhesion Molecular Bonding

Our Patented Glazecote is a high-tech finish that completely encases your bathtub, tile, sink or counter top. Since the bond is made by electrons joining with the original surface, Glazecote literally becomes part of the existing fixture through its unique molecular bond. With other finishes that sit on top of the surface, adhesion diminishes when wet, but with Glazecote, adhesion increases up to 60% with a wet surface.

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Our Services Include:

Step-In Tub Cuts & Inserts
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Sink & Tub Chip Repair.
Fiberglass Structural Repairs.
Custom Color Matching & Refinishing
Antique Restored Claw-Foot Tubs
in a variety of sizes for purchase.

Bathcrest of Seattle’s Glazecoat
Finishes and Restores

The Process:
From Start to the Glazecoat Finish

All work is performed in the home or site by a professionally-trained technician. No need for costly removal of fixtures.

Care and Maintanence

Following the Bathcrest Care and Maintenance guide will allow the Glazecoat to sustain it's quality and shine to last many, many years.

Our 5 Year Warrantee Guarantee

Our Glazecote comes with a 5-year warranty, but with proper care, we expect a life of 10-15 years!

High Standards Gov. Approval

Glazecote meets the requirements set for new tubs by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce (77-73) and Canadian Standards Association CAN/CSA (B45-2-88).

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