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The Bathcrest Patented Glaze Scientific Formula

There is actually no new porcelain being used to do refinishing. The process is all done with synthetic materials. There is however, a big difference in the quality of the materials being used in the industry. Don't be fooled by refinishing companies that say all of the products are alike. The process that Bathcrest uses is owned by the Bathcrest Company since they developed and patented the process. It is called Glazecote. Glazecote is classified chemically as an enamel and it is the only glaze in the industry that forms a molecular bond to the surface of porcelain, enamel or ceramic. This bond is achieved through the use of a very specific series of patented chemicals whereby the glaze bonds to the porcelain through the sharing of two atomic nuclei. In scientific terms its called a covalent bond which means "becoming part of. " The end result is a glaze that is glassy and white and most importantly NOT given to peeling. The Bathcrest Glazecote is the closest thing to porcelain that the refinishing industry has to offer. It meets the same standard in the United States and Canada set for new steel tubs which is quite impressive for a sprayed on finish.

The main reason why we address the concept of adhesion is that adhesion failure, or peeling is the most common complaint in the refinishing industry among the mechanical bonding formulas. These are epoxies or polyurethane blends which are only capable of forming a "mechanical bond" to the porcelain. They lay on the surface and rely upon the strength of their surface alone for their adhesion which means that if the surface becomes broken through a nick or chip, water is able to get between the coating and the porcelain causing the process of adhesion failure, bubbling and peeling to begin. We purchased the rights to use the Bathcrest name and the patented bonding agents and glazing formula which Bathcrest owns the patent on. We pay about 4 times more for our raw materials, but with our sale price, we are very close in cost to what the other refinishers charge for much cheaper lower quality coatings. If a refinisher comes at a cheaper price, you can be assured he is using a cheaper product. So, the Glazecote is not like the generic formulas being used by other companies. The patented Glazecote process forms such a strong bond to the porcelain that water is unable to penetrate the layers even if the surface becomes broken through a nick or chip. Any nick or chip is easily repairable due to the adhesion process.

Superior Adhesion Molecular Bonding

Our Patented Glazecote is a high-tech finish that completely encases your bathtub, tile, sink or counter top. Since the bond is made by electrons joining with the original surface, Glazecote literally becomes part of the existing fixture through its unique molecular bond. With other finishes that sit on top of the surface, adhesion diminishes when wet, but with Glazecote, adhesion increases up to 60% with a wet surface.

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