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Ask Us About Our Special on Refinishing

What is a step thru tub?

Our system is a unique and inexpensive solution for homeowners who need an easy access shower but want to maintain a fully functional bathtub. This product converts your existing bathtub into a step-in shower in under 3 hours and is ready to be used within 24 hours.There is no need to buy a new tub – the system utilizes your existing bathtub and consists of a step thru insert and a optional ​tub cap. Converting from bathtub to shower or back takes only seconds.

Who can benefit from our system?

Just about anyone. For individuals and families that mostly shower, it creates a safer environment that drastically reduces the potential for slips and falls. It helps seniors or physically-challenged individuals maintain independence in their own home by making it easier to step in and out of the bathtub.

Why choose a step thru system?​

​A step through creates an easy access bath and shower like no other on the market today. It is the most affordable way to convert your existing bathtub into an easy access shower and bath. No headaches from messy time consuming renovations, ​and can save you thousands of dollars. Its so easy to use and is the most adorable option for someone that wishes to say in their home long into their retirement years.

Do you also do bathtub refinishing?

Yes we do specialize in in-home bathtub refinishing. It is a great option to refinish versus replace. We are the only company in the industry that has a patented molecular bond. Our product is a high-tech enamel finish that completely encases your bathtub, tile, sink or counter top and is the closest product in the industry to the original fired on porcelain.

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